Looking for a Guesthouse in Tetebatu?

Tetebatu is a very nice place to stay if you want to enjoy the rural Lombok. From Wikitravel: “This small town is about 2km from the southern boundary of Mount Rinjani National Park. It is a quaint and scenic rural area some 700 metres above sea level, and gives visitors the chance to experience real, traditional village life in Lombok. This is as far removed from drunken beer boy scene in Senggigi as you could possibly imagine.
The Tetebatu area is perhaps best known for for its cultural attractions. Traditional Sasak handicraft artisans are spread throughout the villages in this area and products include black terracotta and basketry. The nearby town of Kotaraja is the best location in Lombok to witness traditional Sasak stick fighting, and the village has a long tradition of producing forged blacksmith tools”.
Ok this is true 🙂 And if you’re looking an accomodation in Tetebatu this is the Guesthouse I work for: Bunga Homestay. It’s a new guesthouse, very nice and clean, wifi, yummy breakfast… See you soon!

Coconut Oil and Coffee Processing

With this package you will join local farmers from Tetebatu to produce Coconut Oil and Coffee using the traditional Lombok process. And you can bring them home as an original present for friends and family.

TIME: 9:00AM – 11:00 AM / 4:00PM – 6:00PM

Price is 125.000 IDR / Person. 200.000 IDR for a single guest. For big groups (or to book your package) contact me at sukrylalu8@gmail.com for a quotation.

Black Monkeys Soft Trekking in Tetebatu

Don’t feel ready to climb Mount Rinjani? Alredy gone to Mount Rinjani and want to spend some more days wandering around Tetebatu? We can have a one day soft trekking! Here is the program:

  • Duration: 6 hours (don’t worry, it includes lot of stops and relax)
  • Departure at 8:00 AM
  • We’ll walk around rice fields and organic plantations and I’ll explain you how we grow rice and our other traditional vegetables (including coffee, cocoa, vanilla and chili, lot of chili…). We can also stop at some local farmer to buy some spices if you wish
  • We’ll trek to some nice waterfalls (including the “Extreme”, the biggest around Tetebatu) where you can take some baths and enjoy the fresh air and the lush vegetation
  • We’ll finally reach the Black Monkey Forest where you will see the Grey Macaques and the rarer Black Macaques. This is not like in Bali where monkeys are so used to people that tourists are their major source of food. In the Monkey Forest they’re still wild and you’ll have the opportunity to watch their natural status
  • Lunch is included – we’ll bring lunch boxes to the lunch area
  • Price is 125.000 IDR / Person. 200.000 IDR for a single guest. For big groups (or to book your package) contact me at sukrylalu8@gmail.com for a quotation.

Another option is to reach the beautiful Jeruk Manis waterfall. The overall trek will take one hour more. Price is the same.

Mount Rinjani Trekking

IMG_1397Climbing Mount Rinjani from Tetebatu instead of following more usual path will offer you a true natural experience (with less tourists on the way). It’s a 2 days / 1 night trip. We’ll start from the Tetebatu village and in aproximately 7 hours we’ll reach the crater rim at 3200 MASL. We’ll spend the nights in a tent camp and we’ll go the way back on the day after. The package is suitable to everybody.


Sukry Trekking. Your Adventures in Lombok

Hi there I’m Sukry and I hope I will be your guide in Tetebatu. If you’re looking for a rural area still not too crowded with tourists and where you can experience the true Lombok lifestyle, this is the place for you!

You can have a one day long trek amongst rice fields, plantations, waterfalls and see the black monkeys.

Or challenge yourself with the climb to Mount Rinjani

Maybe you’re interested in preparing and eating food with local families.

Just contact me at +6282340032550 or sukrylalu8@gmail.com and let me arrange your Lombok Experience!

Something About Me

My name is Sukry, I’m 20 and I live in the Tetebatu village, Lombok, in the Mount Rinjani National Park Area. Climbing mountains is more than an hobby. It’s my life and luckly I do it as a job, guiding tourists from all over the word to Mount Rinjani. My operations are based a quiet place with a beautiful view of Mount Rinjani and rices fields in Tetebatu Lombok with a friendly and family service.

My contacts:

Cell phone: +6282340032550
Email: sukrylalu8@gmail.com
Facebook: L Sukry Trekker